How can I help you?

You can contact me for help with your disability claim at any stage: before initial application, when you receive your first or second denial, or when you request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. I can even help you appeal a judges unfavorable decision to the Appeals Council, or recommend an Attorney who can take your unfavorable decision to Federal Court. The earlier I start in the process, the sooner, I can help you make sure you are presenting your very best case. 

Services and Fees
I will navigate the Social Security system for you, keep track of your important medical appointments, make sure the proper SSA office receives your medical records, check in with you regularly to make sure we are doing everything possible to build your case. I'll even help you try to get Medicaid if you are uninsured. Social Security Administration regulates fees charged by disability reps. The current fee is 25% of the back pay awarded up to a maximum of $6,000. The work is on on contingency basis - that means if you don't win, you don't pay!

C. Jane Johnson
Social Security Disability Representative
Resources You Can Use

I hope these resources can help you. If you live in the Unifour area of North Carolina, give me a call with your questions or concerns - 828-394-9657.

Tips for Winning Your Claim

These simple steps will help strengthen your claim and make winning much more likely.
  • Start now: getting disability is a long process that often takes two years or more.
  • See your doctors regularly; do not miss appointments.
  • Follow your doctors’ orders.
  • Do not abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Document the disabling conditions that keep you from working.
  • Submit your updated medical records when you apply and each time you appeal.
  • Don’t miss important deadlines for submitting paperwork and appeals.
  • Consider hiring a representative to help you.
Call me today for more information on how these tips can help you win your case. Remember, the consultation is free and there is never a charge until you win your case.

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