PO Box 243
Catawa, NC 28609

Phone: 828-394-9657
Fax: 1-866-594-3724
Email: cjanej@gmail.com
Web: ssadisabilityrep.com


  • NADR (National Association of Disability Representatives)
  • NOSSCR (National Organization of Social Security Claims Representatives)
  • NCAJ – DAS (NC Advocates for Justice – Disability Advocacy Section)
  • SSA EDPNA (Electronic Direct Pay Non-Attorney) Eligible
C. Jane Johnson
Social Security Disability Representative

About C. Jane Johnson

C. Jane Johnson has been developing Social Security disability claims for clients since 2010. In 2013, she became eligible for Social Security Administration fee withholding which means you will only have to pay when your case is won, and the fee will be paid by Social Security directly from the back pay you are awarded. Requirements for SSA fee withholding included passing a rigorous exam to prove a working knowledge of Social Security's rules as well as a background check and several other qualifications. 

Jane works in the Unifour counties of Catawba, Alexander, Iredell, and Lincoln counties. Her practice is built around the neighbor-helping-neighbor philosophy; clients can expect clear guidance and practical advice in pursuing their disability claims.

A caring and compassionate claims rep, Jane has worked her entire life in nonprofits helping people build better lives. Now, she helps people who are disabled navigate the Social Security system. "I have seen first-hand the positive impact of Social Security benefits on client's lives," Jane says. "When people have worked hard all their lives, we cannot leave them behind just because they become too ill or too injured to continue working. Social Security is insurance, not entitlement. People have earned it and I will work my hardest to help disabled people access the benefits they deserve."
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